New York Private Trust - A Delaware Trust Company
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Our Firm

New York Private Trust has been formed as a Delaware-chartered trust company to take advantage of Delaware’s favorable trust environment for the benefit of our clients.

We offer a broad range of fiduciary services, including trust services, estate administration services, and also specialize in delivering private label trust services.

Unlike many other trust companies, we accept and are able to manage effectively trusts containing non-traditional assets such as real estate, oil, and gas interests, and operating businesses.

Our firm is led by the Milstein family, widely acknowledged for their integrity and success over three generations in investing, real estate, banking, manufacturing, energy, and international business.

Our professionals are experienced, well-credentialed, and dedicated to providing the highest level of client service.

We are also positioned to provide a broad range of ancillary wealth management solutions. Our affiliates offer expertise in banking, insurance, real estate, art finance, and financial literacy.

We welcome appointments as co-trustee or co-executor with trusted advisors or family members.



200 Bellevue Parkway
Suite 500
Wilmington, DE 19809
(302) 798-2160